F-15E “Strike Eagle”
4th FW, 4th TS
Seymour Johnson AFB, NC


F-15E “Strike Eagle” of the 4th Fighter Wing, 4th Training Squadron based out of Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

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The 4th Training Squadron is the single source for academic and device training for all aircrew upgrading in the F-15E, and is a key element of the 4th Fighter Wing’s F-15E Formal Training Unit Triad. The Unit’s “Blackcat” namesake stems from the aerobatic pilot, flight instructor and air-racer legend John G. “Tex” Rankin, who barnstormed into the hearts of the American public with daring feats and Outside Loops.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

2" Cherry Wood – (Top of the line), 1″ Cherry Wood, 1.5″ Teak Wood, 1.5″ Black Wood, 0.63″ Black Metal, 0.63″ Contrast Grey Metal, 0.63″ Silver Metal, No Frame


Standard Blue & Orange, Standard Blue & Red, Standard Blue & Yellow, Standard Green & Black, Standard Green & Red, Standard Green & Yellow, Standard Grey & Black, Standard Grey & Blue, Standard Grey & Orange, Standard Grey & Red, Standard Grey & Yellow, No Matte

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