KC-135R “Stratotanker” – Young Tigers
909th ARS, 18th Wing
Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan


KC-135R “Stratotanker” – Young Tigers of the 909th Air Refueling Squadron, 18th Wing based out of Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan

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The KC-135R/T Stratotanker is a four-engine, swept-wing, long-range, high-altitude, high-speed airplane used primarily as a tanker, but also as a cargo carrier or troop transport. Based on the Boeing 367-80, the KC-135R/T is the backbone of the USAF tanker fl eet, and has undergone numerous upgrades since its initial delivery in 1957. It is now powered by four CFM-F108-CF-100 high-bypass turbofan engines, each producing approximately 22,000 pounds of thrust. The KC-135R/T is capable of operating at gross weights up to 322,500 pounds, including over 209,000 pounds of fuel. A Boom Drogue Adapter (BDA) enhances interoperability and support to Navy, NATO, and other Allied aircraft. The KC-135R/T can be fi tted with an A/M135 cargo roller system, capable of transporting up to six 463L pallets with a load capacity of approximately 75,000 pounds. With a normal crew of three, the KC-135R can accommodate up to 57 passengers, has a maximum speed of 610 miles per hour, a ceiling of 50,000 feet, and a maximum range of over 11,000 miles.

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