T-1A “Jayhawk”
48th FTS, 14th FTW
Columbus AFB, MS


T-1A “Jayhawk” from 48th Flying Training Squadron, 14th Flying Training Wing based out of Columbus AFB, MS

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The T-1A “Jayhawk” is an Air Force missionized version of the civilian Beechjet 400A. It is designed for all-weather training operations at both high and low altitudes. The Jayhawk is powered by two pod-mounted Pratt and Whitney JT-15D-5B turbofan engines, each producing 2,900 pounds of thrust. The T-1A possesses a service ceiling of 41,000 feet, a maximum speed of .78 Mach (530 mph), and a range (with reserves) of nearly 2,200 miles. The aircraft has a takeoff gross weight of 16,100 pounds and carries an instructor and two students.

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