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T-6A “Texan II” 04-3733 (2023 Paint Scheme)
71st Flying Training Wing, 33d Flying Training Squadron
Vance AFB, OK


The T-6A Texan II is a single-engine, turboprop trainer manufactured by Raytheon. The T-6A is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PTA-68 turboprop with a Hartzell four bladed propeller capable of producing 1,100 shp. With a service ceiling of 31,000 feet and a maximum speed of 368 mph. This version has the latest T-6A (2023) paint scheme.

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The 33d FTS is now training students in the T-6A “Texan II”. The two-seat tandem cockpit is fully aerobatic to include spinning, and is approved for IFR flight. Instructors of the 33d FTS have the demanding job of taking young men and women, and in less than six months, grooming them for fighter/bomber or tanker/transport training.

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