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U.S. Navy E-6B “Mercury”
Strategic Communications Wing One, U.S. Navy TACAMO/ABNCP
Tinker Air Force Base, OK


U.S. Navy E-6B “Mercury” from the Strategic Communications Wing One, U.S. Navy TACAMO/ABNCP, Tinker Air Force Base, OK

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TACAMO, an acronym for “Take Charge and Move Out,” is a system of survivable communications designed to maintain communications between the national command authority with the elements of the U.S. strategic deterrent triad: Air Force bombers and intercontinental ballistic missile bases and Navy ballistic- missile submarines. TACAMO now serves beyond its original strategic role, successfully completing missions in support of Theater Commanders and the Office of Homeland Defense. To accomplish these missions, the squadrons of Strategic Communications Wing ONE operate the E-6B Mercury. The E-6B Mercury is a Boeing 707 aircraft modified specifically for the missions undertaken by Strategic Communications Wing ONE and is offered as a beautiful 17.5 in. x 11.5 in. print.

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