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CH-47 “Chinook”
1-227th ARB, 1st CAB
Fort Hood, TX


CH-47 “Chinook” of the 1-227th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Combat Aviation Brigade based out of Fort Hood, TX

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The CH-47F is a twin-turbine engine, tandem rotor helicopter designed for transportation of cargo, troops, and weapons during day, night, visual, and instrument conditions. It has proven an invaluable asset for ground commanders as both a resupply and air assault platform. The aircraft is armed with three M240H 7.62mm medium machine guns.

The Chinook has been in continuous service in the US Army since 1962 and has deployed to every combat theater since the Vietnam War. Additionally, Chinooks have also been utilized in humanitarian assistance operations delivering food and medical supplies to remote villages in Pakistan to repairing broken levies in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina The CH-47F is widely recognized as the most advanced and versatile combat-proven heavy lift cargo helicopter in the world.

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions N/A

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